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Light Novels: A Bookworm's Investigation

AAA's Folium writes: "Most people outside of Japan have only heard of light novels in hushed tones, those elusive books that so often gain anime adaptions which can be either excellent or emotionally scarring. However, I gather from other otaku I have met and discussed this topic with; that they have never read, nor know that much about light novels. This is not because they don’t read; hell, they (hopefully) read subtitles every time they sit down to enjoy our shared favorite past time! No, it’s because light novels are still mainly Japanese, with few official translations and are often very hard to find. There is also another hurdle to overcome. Most translations are unofficial and poorly translated which makes for a difficult read. Well, being a book worm and also someone who likes to see the original in order to compare it to an adaption I began to do some digging."

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