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Persona 4: Arena Review | Destructoid

Destructoid: "Persona 4 Arena is a strange beast in that it has the ability to satisfy both long-time Persona series fans and fighting game aficionados. I would imagine that finding a middle ground between the two was quite difficult, but Atlus and Arc System Works have pulled it off with flair."

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AznGaara3885d ago

Totally hyped for this game. Never played a Persona game but as a fan of fighting games (BlazBlue included) so I know Arc Systems did their thing with P4A! Can't wait til payday :)

I can't help but imagine what Arc System would do with a fighting game based on Shonen Jump... make it happen!!!

Simon_Brezhnev3884d ago

Yeah i like your idea. Im waiting on this game to come through amazon today. I would hope they take like 2 years to do a Shounen Jump game because i want some deep fighters. Then again i think they will just throw the balance issues out the window. LOL

Did you see the new Blazblue trailer. I just know i got a new main.

Thanks animeshinbun for the gift card. LOL

AznGaara3880d ago

Fighting games are my favorite genre and though I've always wanted to get into the Persona series I always held it off. But after playing this game I'm totally getting P4G for Vita!

And yes BlazBlue Chrono Phantasia looks amazing. My new main is definitely Bullet. lol.