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Best Anime About Real-World Issues

"Not all anime is about giant robots and pure escapism. Sometimes a show with a fantastic premise can be used to examine a real-world issue or subject. And sometimes anime comes all the way down to earth, the better to explore things that are often the domain of a live-action production -- but which gain an extra visual twist through animation."

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tayz3874d ago

lol real world issues.

Instigator3873d ago

Yeah, what are those.:P

The Genshiken manga is the greatest slice of life out there, by the way.

tayz3874d ago

i saw genshikan (a real world anime) and it was a joke. super natural is the way to go!! no gundam tho!

koga883874d ago

Guess it goes to show the type of series I usually watch... only ever saw [C] and watching shangri-la now. So can't really comment much on the list

Simon_Brezhnev3874d ago

I saw Rainbow it seemed pretty real. I tried 1st episode of Welcome to the NHK and dropped it. I didnt finish Eden of the East. I dropped Control: The Money & Soul of Possibility after like episode 7. I plan to watch Planetes im just not sure when.

Instigator3873d ago

Rainbow is my favorite of the ones I've watched on the list. The only problem I had with it was it's focus on the worst sides of humans. Everyone seemed to just wanna watch the world burn and further their own agenda. It was a huge contrast to the picture I got of the same period from the 'A Drifting Life' manga, which appeared much more realistic.

deep_fried_bum_cake3874d ago

Hmm I haven't seen any of these. I've been meaning to watch Planetes for a couple of months now though, and Eden of the East seems interesting.

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