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Flawfinder's Problem With Haruhi

Flawfinder writes: "For those of you who have seen the talkshow I did, you’d be aware that I used to be a KyoAni fanboy, but after revisiting their stuff, none of them held up besides Clannad and arguably the Haruhi movie. Air…well even when I liked it, I didn’t like the show very much after Yukito turned into a crow. Kanon, I still love Mai’s arc, but the rest of the series can go burn. Lucky Star…calling the characters one-note jokes is insulting to the notes that are actually funny. K-ON turned to crap after Azusa joined the group. I’ve never seen the Full Metal Panic series, Munto, or Nichijou (besides one or two episodes of the latter), but I heard the former is beloved. And then we have Haruhi. Oh Haruhi. Why do people want more of you? Did they forget the horrors of the second season? Or the fact that you’re not very relevant anymore?"

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