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Top Five Cowboy Bebop Episodes (Spoilers)

SPC writes, "Cowboy Bebop once again cleared through its run on Adult Swim's late night action block, now known as Toonami. But next week the show will not be starting from the beginning-- in fact, it won't be airing at all. It's taking a hiatus for a little while. A shame as I could watch episodes of Cowboy Bebop over and over again (in moderation, of course) as they air on TV. It's a series that is atypical from your average anime; so much so that I have shown it to people who ordinarily don't care for Japanese animation shows and they absolutely adored it.

This list of five depicts my personal favorite episodes from the 26 session run of Cowboy Bebop. There will be spoilers, so be aware if you have yet to watch this show."

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deep_fried_bum_cake3875d ago

Had to think there about whether I would put The Real Folk Blues Part 2 first, but I think this article has the right of it as Hard Luck Woman was a hell of an episode.

Phil323873d ago

I'm not embarrassed to mention that I cried at the end during both episodes when I originally saw them.