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Comiket 82 Ties 'Turnstile' Attendance Record at 560,000

An estimated 210,000 people came to the third day of the Comic Market (Comiket) 82 event in Tokyo on Sunday. That is about 30,000 more people than Comiket 81's third-day attendance last winter, and 10,000 more people than Comiket 80's third-day attendance last summer. 160,000 attended Comiket 82's first day on Friday, and 190,000 attended the second day

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Archaic3871d ago

I'd love to know how they make these estimates. I've been to two Comiket's (Summer and Winter 2004), and unless there's been a lot of changes in crowd management, I don't see how they could really get an accurate count. It's not like they even have anything like turnstiles to begin with.