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Gundam’s Haro Comes to Earth… as a Vacuum Cleaner

Haro was made more than a few appearances on Gundam’s anime episodes and video games, but now it has landed on earth – as a vacuum cleaner. So that’s probably not the most extravagant of appliances that it can be manifested in, but it’s better than nothing, right? Plus, vacuums are actually pretty useful, anyway.

The Haro robot vacuum is actually the product of a collaboration between Sharp and Gundam Front Tokyo. The vacuums will be based on the Sharp Cocorobo and will be available in two refreshing colors: green and pink – though it wasn’t practical to make a spherical-shaped vacuum, since that wouldn’t fit under your furniture.

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Qrphe3870d ago

It's probably going to be expensive to purchase and import, regardless, I'd love to have one xD