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Menma vs Naruto Scan (Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie)

The latest is in the Road to Ninja world is in the form of a Menma vs Naruto Shonen Jump scan. Menma, the alternate reality version of Naruto, is seen on the left side of the scan, while the Naruto we all know and love is on the right. Screenshots of Pain, Konan, Menma’s Nine Tailed Fox, and Naruto’s Nine Tailed Fox are also shown.

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tayz3875d ago

i really want to watch this movie!! it sucks that we dont get a worldwide release. i mean our movies like batman and spider-man go to Japan, but we dont get the same kind of sharing from them!

RurouniKaze3874d ago

They dont do as well in in the west

They dont bother to waste cash + time for small profits

Simon_Brezhnev3874d ago

I truly hope this movie is good. The one with the 4th Hokage was pure crap. I stopped watching movies because its nothing but fillers with good animation.