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Deadman Wonderland: Review On The Last Three Episodes

DualShock Nexus: When Toonami returned with more mature and excellent content, one show in particular would steal the show. Deadman Wonderland is that show and even though season 1 has come to a close, I'll be here to review the final three episodes with the least amount of spoilers as possible. It's sad to see it go, but even though everything wasn't answered, it still went out with a bang.

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D3acon3870d ago

I believe I will wait for the blu ray box set with season 1 and 2.

gaffyh3870d ago

Would really like to see a season 2 as well, but it's looking unlikely.

Simon_Brezhnev3870d ago

I doubt they will ever be a season 2. This show flopped pretty bad in Japan. The show was cool but the main character was too much of a coward.

D3acon3870d ago

should not be unlikely, they really did end it, as if there would be a season 2. This series is too good not to be have a season 2 and put on blu ray. Hope they don't wait too long.


they can't they took out too many side characters and they messed up the story after the episode 2

GameGuy3869d ago

Hey, the manga is still going and if enough people buy the season DVD that comes out in October then anything is possible; money talks. Also, I have been hearing some rumors float around(YouTube comments) that one of the creators of the show/writers got pregnant and that was one of the reasons why the show stopped. Does anyone know if this rumor was true?

amaguli3869d ago

Yeah, the author is on maternity leave. I am hoping that a season 2 will be made after she has her baby, the ending just leaves you hanging.

GameGuy3869d ago

Thanks for letting me know that there still is hope! Yeah, that last episode towards the end seemed to me like a bunch of random clips jumbled together(boat scene, mocking bird, Makina and her plan...etc).