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Freezing: Complete Series Blu-ray Review | Blu-ray Definition

Freezing (フリージング, Furījingu) is an anime series based on the Japanese-Korean manga of the same name by writer Dall-Young Lim (Black God) and illustrator Kwang-Hyun Kim. Set in a near future of indeterminate time, the story involves the invasion of Earth by alien creatures known as Nova that can only be fought by young women endowed with special powers, Pandora, by being implanted with what is known as Stigmata. These Pandora must choose and partner with younger men known as Limiters who can cast an energy field known as Freezing, which counteracts the alien Nova’s freezing effect, allowing the Pandora to roam freely in the Freezing field and fight the Nova. The powers shared between the Pandora and Limiter are known as the Ereinbar Set, wherein a Pandora and Limiter’s brainwaves and emotions are shared.

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