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Assassin's Creed III director claims journalists are racist for forgiving Japanese games

The Assassin's Creed III Creative Director recently spoke out about the apparent racism journalists have concerning Japanese games.

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koga883868d ago

Sounds like this guy just doesn't understand a lot of Japanese games and therefore thinks they are just trash because of it. He's heralding how good Gears of War is, when at its heart its some of the most generic story telling to date. At least with Japanese games you occasionally get something new

Pushagree3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Sounds to me like he does know what he is talking about. I've played many japanese games from Kingdom Hearts, to Final Fantasy, To metal gear, and to bayonetta. All of the stories are filled with vague symbolism, long narratives, in media res to confuse you, overly endowed women, and generic spikey haired characters. Journalists forgive them by saying "Oh, well that's just how japan does it." but if a US game had a story like that, it would get marked down for it. Maybe the right word isnt racism, but it's definitely bias.

Kurylo3d3867d ago

I dont know... i think the guy kinda has a point. Lots of those games make little to no sense and are the corniest cheeseball sounding games ever. Im not saying bayonetta or the latest devil may cry games have bad gameplay... but the stories are so corny they make me embarrased to play them in front of other people.

Baka-akaB3867d ago

Except he hardly got a point . Western games got equivalent cheese , albeit in different tones and genre . Tough macho marines/soldiers adventures with the occasional corny emotional scene straight from a Michael Bay movie are equally crappy and corny . The rest is personal prefs .

And he completely lost the plot when he claims those games are well received by western medias . They are barely covered unless from major studios and when they do they are nitpicked to death , if not just ridiculed .

Western medias wont waste more than a page on something like Dynasty Warriors if they can , yet will have a 4 page review on something as vapid and repetitive as Warhammer 40k Space Marine

Instigator3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

This is a little weird subject to pull the racist card on, which could easily be flipped around and used on him for saying that Japanese games' storylines are "literally gibberish". I'm not gonna do that, but I wouldn't call the stories gibberish either. They're pretty far out there I'll give him that, but I'm sure most people would agree that that's the beauty of it. Gaming would be a pretty boring hobby if all the industry got was gritty and realistic games.

Xof3868d ago

I'm not sure I'd call it racism, but there certainly exists quite a bit of bigotry in Western gaming media against Japan, and has been for the last decade or so--roughly since the advent of the 360 and the change in dynamic from Japan being the leaders of the medium to the West.

And what's so bizzare in this case is that we have a Western developer so incredibly out-of-touch with reality as to proclaim the bias is angled the other way around! Generally speaking, you can take two identical games in every respect, one Western and the other Japanese, and the Japanese title will recieve lower scores, because--apart from the few much-hyped titles from Square Enix--simply being of Japanese origin is quite a demerit these days.

And it's very worth noting, Instigator, that by making any overarcing generalization regarding a particular culture (e.g. Japan) you are succumbing to the exact same form of bigotry as Mr. Hutchinson, here.

Japanese games are no more inherently X than Western games are inherently Y. Sure, each culture brings its own narrative tendencies to the table, but that's it.

Instigator3866d ago

I'm not claiming that one is superior to the other, but I'm not blind to the fact that they're different. In fact, if this was a Japanese dev saying the same about Western games I would probably take the West in defense.

Hutchinson used the words "literally gibberish" and "there’s no way you could write it with a straight face", and then used Gears of War as an example of a great storyline compared to Bayonetta. That makes me think he considers gritty or realistic games as superior, to which I respond that an industry where something like that is prevalent doesn't make for a very entertaining hobby.

The same is true in Bayonetta's case. If that type of narrative was the predominant one things would get equally boring after a while. It isn't even the best example of a good Japanese storyline, but it's the one used by Hutchinson.

Now, I don't see how being aware of the differences between the East and West and thinking that one without the other could get boring makes me a bigot, but if it does, then... Oh, well.

LinkageAX3868d ago

Damn... why can't people just accept that different cultures are different?

rezzah3868d ago

Because knowing is different than understanding.

Naturally we as humans fear change, so change from understanding our normalized culture to an outside culture will create rejection.

Every person needs to learn to be accepting.

Tuxedo_Mask3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Reviews for Western games are often much more forgiving, especially if the reviewers themselves are Western reviewers.

Bad reviews pretty much killed Nier, but now it's seen as a hidden gem. It's only hidden because of the bad reviews it got in the first place, but the people praising it now don't seem to remember that.

I rarely trust reviews for anything, as everyone has different tastes and they may not match up with someone just because they have a website. Although it can be fun to read them sometimes.

Lavalamp3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

When these things get called out by journalists (and rest assured, they do not always get called out), it is because these story telling tropes, successes, and failures are obvious and applicable to us. We know what they're trying to do and the extent to which they're failing to do so. This is not always true with game stories that come from other places.

That being said, did anybody praise Bayonetta's story? I thought the most common praise/criticism from both fans and journalists regarding both Bayonetta and Vanquish were that they were among the best playing games of the generation, but had bad stories. I thought this was a thing.

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