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Persona 4 Arena Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Persona 4 Arena is something that no one was expecting would come out of Atlus or Arc System Works but the finished product is one of the best fighting games that I have played to date. With a highly accessible control scheme and a deep story mode to draw them in, this fighting title provides a Persona fan with everything they could ask for.

As for non-fans of the series the tight fighting mechanics and varied roster will offer plenty of options for those simply coming for the fighting itself. Featuring an easy to learn but difficult to master system, fighting fans will find themselves entranced as they take their battles online in this beautifully presented game. Ultimately, Persona 4 Arena may not be what fans expected, but it is certainly a stand-out example of an amazing fighting game that will please both the fighting community and Persona fans."

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koga883644d ago

Good thing I watched the Persona 4 anime series, it helped get me ready to understand most of the backstory that helped set up this game's story mode. Absolutely excellent fighter that is probably better than even BlazBlue in quality.

Simon_Brezhnev3643d ago

I dont know if its better than Blazblue but the learning curve is a lot easier. The new Blazblue coming out already looks better than Persona 4 Arena.

Lavalamp3644d ago

I absolutely adore this game! It's a blast to play! Can't get enough of Labrys' silly accent, what with the localization choosing to swap her Kansai-ben with a Brooklyn style accent(Cindy Robinson is also Makoto's VA!).

But the craziest thing that happened to me was when I joined an online lobby and the stage had silhouettes of Ragna and Noel in the background. It obviously had something to do with reused assets/coding, but it felt like I was tuning into the Midnight Channel!

TheColbertinator3643d ago

Got P4Arena day one and its a fantastic game.One of the best games this year.