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Persona 5: A fan's hopes and dreams

Steven Hansen:

I dig Persona. The series remains a highlight of the halcyon PS2 days, Persona 4: The Golden is probably my most anticipated game of the dense holiday season and as soon as I finally play Persona 4 I will be diving headlong into Persona 4: Arena, despite not being much of a fighting game guy. With the news that Persona 5 is in the works, I’m excited, though with that excitement comes something close to concern.

It’s a motherly concern. I simply want what’s best for the series — for it to reach its peak potential. Persona 3 is fabulous, but not flawless. Atlus’ Persona Team got much closer to perfection with Catherine, which only raises my expectations for Persona 5 that much higher. They’re fair and reasonable, I think. Save for my secret desire for the fifth game to merely be a 100+ hour jaunt in which I win Mitsuru Kirijo’s heart, and that Atlus won’t let anybody but me play it.

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