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Mugen Souls delayed a month in North America

NIS America has announced a one month delay for their upcoming JRPG Mugen Souls.

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koga883867d ago

This is disappointing, it was originally going to be released during a relatively minor video game release period and now its coming out right before one of the biggest times of the year. That's going to cause the sales to drop probably.

admiralvic3866d ago

People keep saying that, but it was coming out on the same day as Borderlands 2. While people keep saying that has nothing to do with it, I just can't see it doing well when Borderlands 2 is out the same day.

koga883866d ago

True, but Borderlands 2 would probably pander to a different audience mostly, though it probably would still have stunted sales.

Now however Mugen Souls comes out a week after Pokemon Black/White 2 and Code of Princess. Also the same week it comes out now is shared by Ragnarok Odyssey and DOOM 3 so it would still face a FPS, albeit an HD remake. And all around there there are large releases so it is going to affect it more than just Borderlands 2 or Dead or Alive 5 would have.

admiralvic3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

@ Koga

I agree, but there will be a bigger push for Borderlands 2 and it will overshadow whatever posts / info Mugen gets.

As far as what you're listing, you have to remember that Mugen is a PS3 exclusive, where as Pokemon / Code of Princess are 3DS titles. Ragnarok Odyssey to my knowledge has no exact date, but is also not on the PS3 (Vita). This means the only game you listed that could DIRECTLY affect Mugen is Doom, which is a completely different genre (BL2 has RPG elements). So while you're listing "bigger titles", they're on various consoles, where as Borderlands 2 / DoA 5 you listed are also on the PS3.

I would also like to point out that Borderlands 2 in Europe is set to release a week prior to Mugen and the EU release wasn't delayed.

LinkageAX3867d ago

I was looking forward to this too. *sigh* more waiting.

discordman3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

That is sadsauce