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Paprika Review | Nihon Review

Nihon Review's Eternal writes: "Kon Satoshi is a man that needs little introduction. His movies range in tone from the romantic and dramatic Millennium Actress to the disconcerting thriller Perfect Blue. The thread that connects his works – the motif of dreams versus reality – is made literal in Paprika, a movie about a device that lets users explore others’ dreams. The famed illusionist does a good job of distinguishing and blending reality with fiction here, but the disorienting style manages to be thematically relevant while still operating as a mind-bending technique. The protagonist Chiba and her technological alter-ego Paprika have such distinct personalities that they seem to be entirely different characters. The dream world is also drawn differently than reality, featuring brighter colours and plausible absurdities that resemble actual dreams. The distinction between dreams and reality is mirrored by the Chiba/Paprika binary, giving thematic weight to what could easily have been a narrative gimmick used only for suspense."

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