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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII stage event demo impressions | RPG Site

RPG Site's Erren Van Duine writes: "Concept presentation aside, Square Enix hosted a gameplay presentation shortly after their public revealing of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Of course, all attendees and press were asked to silence all recording devices meaning only a select few got to arguably see the best part."

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koga882977d ago

Now its the first ever one to get three full sequels. Still... my interest is piqued.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2975d ago

I will be it getting as I need closure after XIII-2. Hopefully its more difficult and longer story aswell as XIII-2s enemies were a joke compared to the original XIII

Qrphe2974d ago

I think that's because of the openness of XIII-2 which allowed for some grinding (which XIII didn't really). I remember throwing myself out to Atlas and Zenobia without significant grinding and they were pretty difficult.

Regardless, I'd say don't get your hopes up too much on difficulty.