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Bikini DLC included with early copies of Atelier Totori Plus

Gust has revealed that the early copies of Atelier Totori Plus will contain a special piece of bikini DLC to reward early buyers.

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koga883856d ago

Early purchases of Japanese developed games = bikinis and swimsuit DLCs even in the West it seems, while Western developed early purchases are usually more guns or an arena.

masterabbott3856d ago

this is awesome news who doesnt like bikini's and swimsuit DLC's!

kingPoS3855d ago

What kind of game is it?

koga883855d ago

It's a turn based RPG where the player plays as a female alchemist who is searching for her mother. To do this they must go on an adventure and complete a number of quests to level up their alchemy ranking. It mostly is about time management, item creation and quest completion but it also contains a very charming storyline. It was already released by NIS America on the PlayStation 3 in the West so it probably will end up getting localized for the Vita.