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Anime Say! Episode 18 - Tobi's Identity Revealed

Luke Halliday writes:

"Welcome to Capsule Computers’ weekly anime segment, Anime Say! This week, I dive into a topic that has taken shonen manga fans by storm this past week – the identity of Tobi from Naruto."

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masterabbott3811d ago

awesome anime say this week!

futurefrog3811d ago

i think tobi identity does not make sense

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3811d ago

i'm guessing this was a review on the english dubb? not sure if they made it to tobi identity yet. Trust me it gets more in depth and it'll make alot of sense.

FlameBaitGod3810d ago

I don't find it hard 2 believe, everyone in the series when is dying or about to die learns a new ability and lives on. When he was a kid with all the rocks in hes face maybe he wanted to live so badly he learn that ability he always makes to escape to another place.

coaidant3811d ago

wtf this doesn't make any sense

koga883811d ago

Thing is, who else could they really have used as his main identity? Unless it was someone else from a different dimension or something like that, it would have had to be a character that either was defeated a long time ago, some BS with orochimaru again which would be beating a dead horse again and again, or Obito. There really isn't any other character they could have used at this point unless it's some dude using Obito's body.

listenkids3811d ago

There was an Uchiha in Danzos old team, with the 2nd as their teacher. He's a undeveloped character who has/d the potential to be someone with such a vengeance. He was mentioned enough to be part of the story, with the fight for 3rd Hokage, hatred of Danzo blah blah.

koga883810d ago

Hmm, well I'll admit I never paid so much attention to remember that guy at all, though that may also have to do with how drawn out this all has been. While huge Naruto fans know about these other possibilities, more casual fans or those not so accustomed to the older characters probably have no clue who that guy was or the Uchiha Kagami was below.

Lord_Sloth3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Uchiha Kagami was the prime Candidate and his age makes sense given the attack on Konoha happening while Obito was barely 14 years old yet we see a full sized, full powered Tobi.

My brother had theorized that it was Fugaku because he was absent during the Kyuubi attack on Konoha. When we saw Itachi's memory, that would have been easily fixed with an Izanagi.

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