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5 Anime Cartoons That Will Make Even the Skeptics Love Anime

Abdul Siddiquii:

As a social experiment, mention the word “anime” in the public sphere and you will spark a debate faster than a Michael Moore comment at a Ron Paul convention.

The group against accepting anime as a legitimate art form would argue that it is rather base, presenting as evidence the Kamehameha wave that takes three episodes to materialize. The proponents, who often consider animation to be more compelling than real life, would likely not respond, instead focusing on finding the right mascara to emulate the look of L from Death Note.

However, it is grossly unfair to only cite popcorn entertainment such as Dragon Ball Z because anime is certainly more than that. Like any other medium of storytelling, the artistic merit of Japanese animation varies greatly based on the quality of the writing. Therefore, for all who have taken an oath to never approach the genre, here are five series to change your mind.

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Simon_Brezhnev3849d ago

I liked Monster. Hikaru no Go is an anime i thought i wouldnt like but i love it. I'm still depressed on how it ended.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3849d ago

Anime has a big genre theres something for everyone im sure.