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Maken-Ki! Romantic Comedy Manga's New Anime Launching

The October issue of Fujimi Shobo's Dragon Age magazine is announcing on Friday that a new anime adaptation of Hiromitsu Takeda's Maken-Ki! manga is launching.

The story revolves around Takeru Ōyama, a boy enrolled in an elite school where the girls (and boys) fight with mysterious items called Maken. The student body includes the enigmatic girl Kodama, a girl named Inaho who calls herself Takeru's fiancée, and his childhood friend Haruko.

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koga883735d ago

That title is confusing as hell sounding lol, so they are making a second season of it or a reboot of it? The anime went a different path for most things compared to the manga.

Opak3734d ago

It sounds like they are launching new Maken-Ki!


i would've take a High School Of The Dead season 2 over this sht