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Steins;Gate: The Complete Series, Part One Review |

Serdar Yegulalp writes: "Self-styled “mad scientist” Rintaro Okabe has made a breakthrough: his invention, a combination of cellphone and microwave oven, can send information backwards through time. Unfortunately, tinkering with history doesn’t come without repercussions—butterfly effect much?—and soon Okabe and his gaggle of loopy friends are all running for their lives from shadowy powers-that-be who want the “Phonewave” for themselves … and want Okabe and his pals dead.

The most improbable-sounding premise imaginable (although, doesn’t anime specialize in improbable premises?) turns out to be one of the best shows of the year. It lures you in with generous humor—there’s more fall-out-of-your-chair funny moments and quotable lines than in any other three shows combined—then adds unexpected complexities, both dramatic and emotional."

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