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Point of Contention: The Best 5 “Weird” Anime

Moar Powah's Tarabisu writes: "Surprise, I’m not just here to talk about video games. Today I shall introduce another side of my mysterious list of interests in the hopes that intelligent discussion can be had. Like most, my tastes in anime has changed over time. Late middle school/early high school me, all charged with unsatisfied love became obsessed with tasteless ecchi and comedy shows. It says something about me then that I actually had more interest in the Rosario+Vampire anime than I did the manga.

Nevertheless, time has a way of adjusting our perspectives and soon enough I was done (mostly) with that sort of entertainment, sharpening my taste to appreciate the genius shows like Death Note, Elfen Lied, Welcome to the NHK, and Mushi-shi. Seinen became my go-to genre, as it offered a far more varied array of complex stories and characters.

More recently, my attention has moved once again, this time to anything that manages to astound and perplex me visually and thematically. The single most important element I look for in anime today is its nonconformity. So to explore this change more, I thought I’d spend my column this evening on listing, describing, and analyzing my top five “weird” anime."

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