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Naruto Storm 3 Partial Scan – Hack and Slash Battles

A new scan shows Sasuke fighting multiple Samurai.

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tayz3847d ago epicitas is back...NOSEBLEED OF THE CENTURY!!! this will PWN all games before it!!!!

deep_fried_bum_cake3846d ago

This is interesting. It will certainly mix up the gameplay.

tayz3846d ago

i just finished cleaning the mess from my nosebleed! giant boss battles + hack/slash + regular fights. games going to be super super deep!

*spaces out*


oh crap! gotta get that lysol out again!!!!

Qrphe3846d ago

I thought of Bayonetta/DMC when I first read the title but then realized it was to be more like Dynasty Warriors as soon as I saw the screenshot. Regardless, nice addition to the series.