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Naruto Storm 3 Hack and Slash: Top 5 Desires

Saiyan Island has created a Naruto Storm 3 Hack and Slash: Top 5 desires list to communicate to fans what they would love to see.

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tayz3847d ago

i agree with all of these!!! i'd love to hack and slash fight too against other people!

deep_fried_bum_cake3847d ago

4 and 2 for me.

I would love if they could get the openness of the first and the Naruto world combined. Though obviously there would need to be more people than there were in the first.

And I would just love a co-op multiplayer, in a Tekken Tag sort of manner (though obviously the normal Naruto gameplay). but I'm not entirely opposed to 4 on screen at the same time.

tayz3846d ago

ya in Storm 1 it was sort of dead. if they make it a combo of Storm 1's openess and Rise of Ninja's liveliness that would be bad ass!!!

does Tekken have online co-op too?? i never played it

deep_fried_bum_cake3846d ago

Got no idea if it has online co-op as I haven't played one in years, besides 6 which I never even thought about any other modes besides single player online. Not sure if Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which just came out has it though.

tayz3846d ago

what do u mean single player online? like hack and slash? i thought tekken was a 1on1 fight game

deep_fried_bum_cake3846d ago

Tekken Tag is 1 on 1 where you can tag in a second player. What I was saying was that I wasn't sure whether Tekken 6 had anything like that or whether it was just the traditional 1 on 1. I don't think it did.

At least that's what I think I'm saying, my mind's a bit scrambled right now.

maximus19853846d ago

tekken tag 2 just came out and it has 2 vs 2 fighting. only bad thing is that it just takes one of the tag members being KOd to lose/win a fight. tekken 6 did not have 2 on 2. heres my question guys how far in the story do you think this naruto game will go? (crosses fingers for end of war arc)

HmongAmerican3846d ago

All I want is a Naruto Musou/Dynasty Warriors gameplay style. Each characters has his or her own storyline. You play either as the good guys or the bad guys.