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The Greatest Pokémon Mystery: Where Is Ash’s Father?

"If you've ever seen the Pocket Monsters anime series, you'll wonder where the heck Ash's father is. His mom, Delia Ketchum, pops up in the series. But dear old Dad? He's nowhere to be seen."

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coolbeans3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I thought Ash's dad was Giovanni, or someone else you had to defeat, in the first Pokemon games (Edit: Blue/Red/Yellow). Wouldn't that transition over to the anime series as well?

blackhand893847d ago ShowReplies(1)
Archaic3847d ago

Ash's father is Giovanni only in the Pokémon Live musicals. In the anime, his father's identity has still yet to be confirmed.

coolbeans3847d ago

Heh...I guess every series has its fumbles with continuity. Thanks for the info.

Given how long the anime show/movies have run, it would certainly be a treat for the big reveal to happen soon enough.

Archaic3846d ago

It's unlikely that they'll be pulling him out any time soon, honestly. I'm personally only expecting that we'll see him when they're ready to wrap up the franchise, and that's many years away yet.

prettygirl12343844d ago

Its extremely old it use to be good but its just like a small child's show. Plus if they did wouldn't they have to ask the reason why he left his mom. Then they have to go on bout divorces and bums dads n child abandonmanet