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Wolf Children Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"Mamoru Hosoda of Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time fame has returned to directing with his latest effort Wolf Children. That is all I knew about this film going into it. As I began to play my screener copy of the soon to be released film, I watched with anticipation to see what Hosoda and his newly established Studio Chizu had in store for me.

In the past I have thoroughly enjoyed Hosoda’s works including the Digimon movies and the One Piece film he directed, but I have always felt that his films lack one thing or another, which ultimately impedes them from being more than just ‘great’. Wolf Children is a great film, with a moving story and meaningful message. But much like Hosoda’s other works, it is missing something."

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LinkageAX3848d ago

This looks like its going to be awesome!