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Best Slice-Of-Life Anime

Serdar Yegulalp writes: "Not all anime is deranged wildness and excess. In fact, some of the best shows out there focus on real life as lived one day at a time, with only occasional excursions into the outlandish and outrageous. Here's some of the best, listed in alphabetical order."

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D3acon2962d ago

I've seen a few on that list but lucky star and FLCL I disagree. I think I would have replaced those two with Nana and Skip Beat.

wishingW3L2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

FLCL can hardly be called slice of life. That anime way too crazy and intense!

I have watched most anime on that list and Genkishen is the only series worth mentioning anyway. =/

Simon_Brezhnev2962d ago

I can only watch slice of life if it has a bit of supernatural/fantasy in it. I like Natsume's Book of Friends and i wish it was on the list.

Acquiesc32962d ago

No Aria Animation/Natural/Origination? "Best" list automatically fails.