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Dragon Ball Z 2013 Movie Receiving Government Funding

Toei Animation receives 50 million yen for the movie.

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tayz3839d ago

i wonder if we will get crazy promos for the movie... that would be hot!!

RurouniKaze3839d ago

Hopefully they put that 50m to good use.

Good to see the Jap Gov supporting their local artistes.

deep_fried_bum_cake3839d ago

There's a lot of reason for them to fund them. This will bring a hell of a lot of money into the country because of DBZs worldwide appeal. If it was something less popular then nothing like this would happen, even if it had the potential to be great.

tayz3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

DBZ has probably already brought in mad money. i think if they do a worldwide release they might make millions more! everybody and their grandmother loves DBZ! its not asgood as Naruto, but its good and people love it!

WitWolfy3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )


I loled so hard when you said "not as good as Naruto" thanks for that, havent laughed like that in weeks.

Naruto wished it was DBZ son PERIOD!

tayz3839d ago

i hope they tell us what the 50m was used for exactly. its the gov't so stuff should be public!!

DarkBlood3839d ago

not just that i want to know the release date for the blu-ray lol

it would be cool if it was in theatres over here in canada/united states

if only i won the lottery i would totally fly to japan just to see it in theatres lol :P

Xof3838d ago

They'd be better off supporting artists that aren't already overwhelmingly popular.

3839d ago
Simon_Brezhnev3835d ago

Its just a smart investment. LOL