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Are Old Anime The New Hype?

AR's Nadav writes: "In the last three years we’ve seen a growing number of old anime series making a comeback. Some resurfaced as regular editions, others as collections at a budget price and some in remastered versions. This trend is definitely going strong and almost all the U.S. anime distributors are riding the wave. But are all distributors taking the same approach? And more importantly, can these old “classic” series successfully compete for our money when facing against modern HD series with all their bells and whistles?"

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koga883834d ago

No, not really. They are just trying to capitalize on some older series they own the license for. Release them again in a cheaper format as classics to get some nostalgic fans or new fans who never saw them, and then release them as SAVE titles for people who are very frugal.

Or in the case of Shana there in the picture, they re-release a season collection after a second season is about to be released and there's been like... six years between em. That whole Geneon thing became quite a mess.

Gekko3832d ago

Older anime just have bigger fan bases which grew with time, most likely these 'newer anime' will be having the same thing too. But some are pretty hyped, could be due to nostalgia or just being released in that time period although quality played a huge part as well.

A lot of anime these days are having shorter episodes and rushed endings which means less value in entertainment and money.

D3acon3826d ago

I would like to some older anime remastered and rebooted like angel cop