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In Praise of Female Mangaka: 10 Must-Reads

Kiss Chronicles:

Recently, I realized that the majority of my favorite manga were created by female mangaka. Usually I discover the anime first, but often after watching the anime I then go back to read the manga because I can’t get enough of the art and story, otaku that I am. Consistently, though, when I go from watching the anime to reading the manga, I discover that the mangaka is a woman, with only a few exceptions.

Female mangaka have claimed a special spot in my heart. Sure, I’m fond of some male mangaka, such as Tite Kubo. However, women mangaka dominate my list of favorites.

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Lord_Sloth3835d ago

Why would you include a Mangaka you've never read the work of? D.Gray Man is certainly worth a spot to be sure but it just seems odd to recommend something you can't comment on personally.