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Dead or Alive 5 Review | Capsule Computers

"Amongst the rather small list of 3D fighting games that are still being released in today’s gaming age, there stands one franchise which has always made itself memorable with relatively easy to learn combat and a cast of characters which are memorable in more ways than one. That franchise happens to be Dead or Alive. Now while it has been a few years since Dead or Alive saw a full release on a console that didn’t involve volleyball, Dead or Alive 5 looks to bring some action packed fighting to fans everywhere. Does it manage to succeed? Let’s find out." - Capsule Computers

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koga883833d ago

Good to hear that this is actually an excellent game. While I'm all for plenty of fan service, the fighting mechanics have to be at least somewhat decent too. Seems that they found a nice combination with this. I've only just started playing my copy and the game is absolutely gorgeous.

futurefrog3833d ago

the thing I love about DOA is boobs

koga883832d ago

From what I've played so far it certainly has a lot of that. With the new sweat and dirt that appears on characters there is a ton of fan service in the game, plus there is a spectator mode that allows you to take pictures from any angle so yeah...

Amazing fighting mechanics + a whole bunch of fan service = a win win for me

Andreas-Sword3832d ago

I think Dead or Alive 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are both very good fighting games.
My opinion:
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 90/100
Dead or Alive 5: 90/100