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Dead or Alive 5 fans want bigger breasts according to director

It seems that fans actually wanted bigger breasts placed into Dead or Alive 5 according to the game's director.

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koga882945d ago

Nothing wrong with having some fan service in your fighting game. Everyone who is complaining about it should have learned by now what the game will contain. Nothing is making you look at the characters in bikinis at this point.

LinkageAX2945d ago

I'm buying this for the fan-service. I demand bigger tits.

NovusTerminus2944d ago

In adding more fan service you are going to alienate the fan base even more, resulting in smaller sales, smaller budget, and possible cancellation.

DoA5 is a good middle ground, and I think they should keep it.

Lord_Sloth2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

No. Watch porno and stop screwing up fighting games because you're horny!

They need to donate their concentration on the game itself instead of the boobs!

koga882944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Well, it's not like they are ruining the mechanics simply by spending time making the characters sweat just the right way. From what I've played of the game itself, the only thing that they really could have done better was add a bit more to the story mode, beyond that I find nothing wrong with how 5 is.

If people choose not to buy the game because it has breasts in it, then they wouldn't have bought Soul Calibur with Ivy's G-string outfit or Street Fighter with Cammy's skintight outfit either. Fan service is just that, service for the fans, if you don't like it then don't focus on it and play male characters if you are too prudish to deal with a bit of cheesecake.

ProjectVulcan2944d ago

Why not just have pairs of massive boobs fighting each other? Nothing but boobs. Job done.

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wishingW3L2945d ago Show
Lord_Sloth2945d ago

But I like the way 5 looks. It's fine as is.

koga882945d ago

That's the thing, the fan service is great for those who enjoy it but it also offers plenty of enjoyment with its fighting systems and online mode. Hell the whole game is gorgeous not just the characters.

Tzuno2944d ago

well if this makes a game then fans are retarded.

pompombrum2944d ago

Lol see that's the problem with the game.. it tries so hard to be considered a real fighting game and be respected as such yet the fans complain about the size of the female characters breasts? Says everything about the sort of people who play it tbh. Perhaps they should have a slo mo function on replays and re-release the game in a new special edition containing a complimentary packet of tissues?

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