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Annotated Anime: Summer 2012 Week 13

Josh Tolentino:

It's time for your weekly helping of Annotated Anime, the anime recap they got to put on the cereal box after that row over Micheal Phelps and the bong, making the watching of Japanese cartoons an essential requirement for daily nutrition. Especially shows like Nakaimo. Especially.

With the last week of regular summer season recaps giving way to the fall, the slate's as spare as chances to wear light clothing in a temperate climate. We've got the trailing episodes of Space Bros., Sword Art Online, Muv-Luv Total Eclipse, and of course (because your health demands it) Nakaimo.

If you feel the need for more of "the animes", look forward to our Fall 2012 Preview Guide, as well as checking out our staffers' Final Impressions of Summer's shows, including:

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