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When Fans Cry: Waiting For The Second Half Of A Story

Twitch writes: "On these here pages of Twitch we've paid quite some attention to the Australian DVD release of the Japanese anime horror-thriller series When They Cry, with several reviews for both season one and season two. For good reason: When seen as a whole, this series tells a convoluted, bold story which I urge everyone who has an interest in horror or science fiction to go check out.
Imagine the David Lynch series Twin Peaks, only a version where everything turns out to have been well-planned from the very beginning and where everything actually makes sense in the end. Storywise, When They Cry is THAT good. Convoluted and bold indeed."

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D3acon3829d ago

I wanted to check this anime out since I heard about it but like most anime these days it's over priced and no English dub. Typically when I watch an anime I watch it in English or Japanese , it sounds off when I do both. So if anyone knows where I can get an English dubb for a reasonable price I'm all ears.

Instigator3828d ago

Is it the first season you're after? The price it's going for is insane. A used copy went for as high as £200 when I was looking around. I eventually got it off ebay for around £30. They are usually in good condition, so if you don't mind them being used it is your best bet.

ShoryukenII3828d ago

Or you can watch it off of the internet for free. >_>