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The Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization Problem You Might Not Know About

RPG Land: "Everyone’s wondering what’s happening with the Final Fantasy Type-0 localization right now. People are wondering if the PSP’s lack of popularity in North America is a problem, wondering if Square Enix is making a Vita version — what’s the deal? There are a lot of plenty legitimate questions and theories, but I’m going to submit one I haven’t seen yet. It’s the theme song. In the game’s beginning and ending, a J-rock song by Bump of Chicken, entitled “Zero,” plays. There could be a contract dispute between BoC’s record label and Square Enix regarding the royalties, use, or any number of things with an international version."

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koga883231d ago

I'm sure that could be one of the reasons as well. I mean, as the writer said, if it was for licensing a song in a console game it wouldn't be too difficult, but trying to do it for the PSP which is essentially dead in the West outside of a few die-hard fans, wouldn't be cost effective. So it is a number of things. That would be really terrible though if one of the main reasons was due to one song that the company was being difficult about...

wishingW3L3230d ago

many people would buy this for the Vita if they make a digital release on PSN.