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Accel World Starts Strong, But Ends Wrong | Kotaku

Richard Eisenbeis: "I have made no secret of how much I have been enjoying Sword Art Online—going so far as to call it the smartest anime in years. When fellow Kotaku East writer Toshi Nakamura told me that there was another anime by the same author also about online games called Accel World, I began watching it as quickly as possible. But while it has a phenomenally well thought out concept and starts off incredibly strong, it is just one of those anime that falls apart in the second half."

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koga883311d ago

What the world was this guy even looking at. How does it fall apart in the second half? If anything it actually gets better because they have to start fighting for more than just the game, but also to put a stop to Nomi and his insane blackmailing.

Simon_Brezhnev3310d ago

You know i actually dropped this show when that stupid girl betrayed everybody. I already hated her in the show but whens he did that i was like i cant take it no more.

koga883310d ago

Well, I don't want to spoil anything major in the show, but lets just say that there is a specific reason she "betrayed" them and it quickly is revealed during the last episode exactly what she was up to and why. So it does come full circle in the end in a clever scheme that was hinted at early in the arc.

Simon_Brezhnev3310d ago

I see and the show is just not as good when my girl Kuroyukihime is not in most of the episode. TBH i dont care what reason she had she even made herself look like a slut in that one episode.

I been read spoilers i knew she would betray them before it happen it just she annoys me that much. LOL

koga883310d ago

Yeah it is a bit disappointing that they removed her from the show for this whole arc, though it does make it so that Haru can't just run to her whenever something goes wrong. It's up to you if you want to finish it but it definitely redeems the entire arc in my opinion and binds them together stronger. Far from a wrong finish.