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Free Dead or Alive 5 costume DLC provides some nostalgia

Tecmo Koei has released a free DLC package for Dead or Alive 5 including costumes for many characters.

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koga883216d ago

Good to see companies still giving DLC away for free. I wonder if they are ever going to release those swimsuit outfits for DLC anytime in the future.

masterabbott3216d ago

Agreed. Free DLC is always a good thing but the swimsuits sweeten the deal that little bit more ;)

abzdine3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

i bought this game from amazon yesterday i cant wait to receive it.
i love these costumes the fighting game i played most is DOA2.

MWH3216d ago

surprisingly a good game, technically speaking. tried it yesterday and i enjoyed it.. technically speaking.

Vortex3D3215d ago

Can your wear the swimsuit outfit from the Collector's Edition to play online with someone that only has regular edition.

I think wearing wild swimsuit outfit is a good distraction to fight against your opponents (until your opponents can get pass looking at your outfit). Or at least for amusement.