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Japanator's First Impressions: Shin Sekai Yori: From the New World

Japanator's Pedro Cortes writes: "I love post-apocalyptic stories. Part of it is seeing how the world is destroyed and how humanity deals with the stresses of survival. I like it even more when there's a massive jump in time and we see how humanity has evolved in order to survive the decimation of modern society. Those are the types of situations you'll get some good looks at what makes people tick. That or you'll at least get some nice set pieces for people to either fight or explore.

Shin Sekai Yori definitely has some good potential with its post-apocalypse. We see a brief glimpse of what could be the start of the end and we jump ahead a thousand years to see that humans have somehow gained telekinetic powers. However, there are some troubling issues in the first episode that may hinder this show from reaching its full potential."

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