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How to Read Manga Without Going Broke

Deb Aoki:

At $8 - $12 per volume, buying manga can be an expensive habit. But you don't have to bust your budget to satisfy your craving for manga. There are several ways to enjoy your favorite graphic novels without going broke. Try these money-saving tips, plus a few words about scanlations.

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ExCest3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Online? Yep, it's the cheapest way. The end.

frjoethesecond3225d ago

Online legal alternatives have a long, long way to go to catch up with printed manga.

Flavor3225d ago

Manga has lost all monetary value, at least here in America. It is a free online commodity.

koga883225d ago

It's a problem with the service mostly. While Viz has gotten better at bringing volumes over in English for purchase, nearly all of their series are way behind schedule. Hayate the Combat Butler is like... 20 volumes behind at this point and a large portion of manga is simply ignored in the West and have absolutely zero chance of getting released here in any form.

koga883225d ago

Dumb edit button disappearing. This is especially true when a new anime is made for a series. There are usually plenty of anime that are made based off of a manga, but then never end with a solid ending, or if it is it's an anime original ending which usually is terrible.

As such, anyone who loved the anime will be usually left in the dark and never see anything about the story again as the manga for this series will simply be ignored compared to the localized anime.

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