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NoA, XSEED on Xenoblade/Last Story sales, Reggie on localizing Monolith’s next game

Xenoblade came out in Japan in June 2010. It hit Europe about a year later. North America had to wait another eight months for the title.

What took so long? Reggie Fils-Aime explained.

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Baka-akaB3304d ago

He is literally saying nothing here .

Except maybe that despite their success with Last Story and despite Nintendo , they still dont know if they'd even consider localizing the next game .

I hope they arent relying on some sort of Operation rainfall 2.0 , cause people will tire very quickly of that behavior

Xof3304d ago

What do you expect him to say? NoA's bussiness model isn't built around catering to so-called "core gamers." It's not built around selling games, period--it's about moving hardware. This guy didn't want to bring over Xenoblade or The Last Story. Even after NoE enormously reduced the cost of localizing it for North America by doing it themselves....

His basic stance was that Nintendo couldn't afford to try and bring over games for 'core gamers' because they wouldn't sell. NoA only caved after months of -massive- consumer backlash against the refusal... coupled with the even greater anti-Nintendo sentiments that summer because of their bullshit with the 3DS. NoA taking the games was little more than a PR grab--trying to get some positive Nintendo news in the press.

The fact that these games did, in fact, sell well is not good for Reggie Fils-Aime, as it contradicts NoA's current philosophies.