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Best English Dubs for Anime

Serdar Yegulalp:

Whether you rejoice over or revile an anime with an English dub track, there's little doubt that having English audio greatly broadens any given anime's reach and potential audience. It's all but impossible to book an anime onto broadcast TV without an English voice track, and sales figures show the presence of English audio helps an anime title -- whether series or standalone film -- sell that much more vigorously.

The average quality of any given English anime dub has gone up significantly in the last decade or so, thanks to better voice talent, more attentive voice casting, and keener direction. Out of the dozens of titles released each year, though, a few stand out by dint of being successful adaptations of tricky source material, maverick or attention-getting voice-acting performances, or some other approach that makes it impossible not to sit up and take notice. Here's a list of our standout favorites, in alphabetical order

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