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PETA releases parody Pokemon game

Animal Protection Charity PETA have made a parody Pokemon game

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Instigator3295d ago

That's a GOTY candidate right there.

Whitefox7893295d ago

Jeeze I played this for like 2 mins before all the text about mistreatment about poke'mon just turned me off.....

Besides I could've sworn that the cartoon series clearly illustrated about how not to abuse poke'mon (or more or less experiment on poke'mon), I don't know if their taking this seriously or not (I can't read these people).

I can't form any words to try and describe what I've seen....

Lord_Sloth3295d ago


sjaakiejj3294d ago

Having played the game, I believe this is more of a deliberate tongue-in-cheek parody than am actual campaign by PETA. It's even got internet memes in it.