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New Atelier Totori Plus swimsuits and content shown off in latest screens

New screenshots of Atelier Totori Plus reveal more swimsuits for the game as well as some additional content included in this Vita exclusive.

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koga883298d ago

Seems that any time a company wants to add something special to a game of some sort, it involves swimsuits and bikinis. Not that I'm complaining mind you, just taking note. That being said, I really hope this gets a localization announcement soon, the visuals look excellent from these screenshots.

futurefrog3298d ago

it seems that swimsuits and bikinis are a pretty marketable selling point

koga883298d ago

That seemed to be the biggest marketing practice that Tecmo Koei used for Dead or Alive 5. Plus I'm not entirely sure how much they could really do to expand Totori considering you have that time limit looming over your shoulder constantly.