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Love, Election and Chocolate Review [ThePantlessAnimeBlogger]

The anime is about the Food Research Club (FRC) who is planned to be disbanded after the new budget cuts of the school is implemented once a new student council president is elected. All clubs that have no value are disbanded and other clubs are brutally slashed. This doesn’t sit well with the members of FRC and they decided to fight. They will send one of their own into the election campaign and pray that the person will become president. The new budget proposal will now be stopped and the FRC’s normal days of just eating snacks and talking to each other will remain unchanged. Yuuki Oojima was voted to run and he begrudgingly accepts. The election is a brutal process though with "powers that be" planning to get their elected candidate to become president so they can rule the school. Can a club who basically do nothing but eat sweets be able to do something as meaningful as running a campaign and convince the rest of the school to vote for Yuuki?

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