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Point of Contention: Persona 3 vs. Persona 4, The Showdown

Moar Powah: "Ohhhh boy. Do I have some words to throw out on this topic. I really love the concept behind Persona 3 and 4. The blending of relationship social link simulation and JRPG combat is incredibly compelling to me, and stellar writing plus deep character exploration only go to heighten the experience. If you haven’t been exposed to the games, ignore this post and play them now. For those who have played the two later PS2 games, you probably already now which you prefer. And that’s fine. I know hordes of people on both sides of the fence. Some adore the dark themes of P3 and ridicule the somewhat silly adventurism engulfed in P4. Others share the opposite view, viewing the P3 themes as needlessly angsty and emo, all the while appreciative of the more fun, stylish attitude of P4. I’m not going to lie to you, I much prefer the latter to the former. But I think it’s important to get the reasons out in the open to facilitate healthy debate. Or inspire unholy mudslinging. Whichever works for you. So without further ado, here are a couple reasons why I prefer Persona 4 to Persona 3. Feel free to disagree to your heart’s content."

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Gekko3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

The writer made some good points about both games. My first exposure to the Persona series came from the third which was Persona 3 FES, that I bought simply because I thought that the front cover looked good.

They both have their strengths and weaknesses (social links, controlling party members etc.) but I think Persona 3 wins by a cinch since it did revolutionise the series after all.