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Anime of the Past: Project A-ko

Oprainfall writes:

"Regardless of one’s knowledge of or interest in the history of anime circa 1986, Project A-ko remains as entertaining and comedic now as it did then. For anyone familiar with the era, it’s well worth watching, while younger audiences may still find entertainment in the antics of the three girls, even if the context for some of the jokes is lost. As old as it is, its goofball nature is as charming as ever."

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Lord_Sloth3291d ago

I remember both of those films when Sci-Fi aired them on their Saturday Anime program. I miss that.

D3acon3290d ago

I remember ako bko cko. I thought this was the funniest show back then. I thought of getting this from amazon a few weeks back. I have bought a few anime in the past. Angel cop, cyber city, vampire hunter d.