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Naruto #607 "I Don't Care Anymore" Review - The Nerd Cabinet

Joey of The Nerd Cabinet shares his views on the latest Naruto chapter, "Now it seems that this is the final of the flashback chapters, this time it briefly revolves around Obito (Portraying Madara) trying to persuade Nagato to join him in the redemption of the world, he spends time talking about how he is the way to freedom."

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deep_fried_bum_cake3279d ago

This isn't much of a review, it's just a recounting of the chapter. You should include more of your opinion on the happenings of the chapter.

I thought this was a great chapter, as I have thought of most of them recently. I'm really excited to see what happens between Madara and Naruto, I think it would make a great twist if Hashirama's Wooden Dragon will bind the Nine Tails again.

Kinda disappointed that there's a break though just as the action's about to get started again.

Saviior953278d ago

I take note of what you say and will work hard to bring you a more in-depth review good sir!

deep_fried_bum_cake3278d ago

Yay. It's fine just recounting the story for a review, but obviously the main fun in reading a review of something comes from the writers opinion. Otherwise there may as well only be one review on the internet for each thing.

A little personal feedback will allow the reader to say "I agree with this" or "I disagree with this"; create a little controversy; bring up something interesting, like a different perspective of a situation; or just point out something that people might not have noticed.

I feel a bit odd giving out reviewing advice considering that I failed English when I was in school.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3279d ago

wouldve been nice to see how all the other members of akatsuki joined and,how obito/Tobi participated in the Uchiha massacre. But at least its back to action I like pissed Naruto was.