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Cat Cosplay: One Cat Portrays Nine Lives Of Anime Characters For His Birthday


Not since the cat with dreams has a picture set involving a patient cat and decorated cardboard made me happily clap like a drunken seal so much. Toshiya86, a member of the Chinese blogging service Weibo, drew manga and anime characters on cardboard with a hole cut out for the head. Then she took pictures of her cat, Guagau, sticking his head through the cardboard. This was intended as a celebration of Guagua's birthday. Best birthday ever? For us, yes. Not so much for the cat.

Our ten favorite pictures of this cute cat cosplay are collected below, and we've labelled which anime character is being cosplayed in each one. The other 13 pictures from the set are available at Chick Geek Games. Thanks to Vulture for the assist.

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