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Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes I-IV Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes I-IV provides everything a fan of the series could possibly want. Not only is the original English voice cast still present in this release, but the action scenes provided in these four episodes are top notch. With a dark storyline that leaves viewers on a rather high point in the story, a stellar art style and plenty of extra content, this release will see new fans joining the ranks of the Hellsing family, eager to see how bloody and insane the next fight in the series will be and just how dark this series will turn in the next release."

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LinkageAX3199d ago

Is this the complete Ultimate release? I remember years ago that they didn't even finish it off.

koga883199d ago

No this isn't. In fact this actually sounds like FUNimation is re-releasing the Geneon version which was released back in '07 but now it is also on Blu-ray. FUNimation is working on bringing the next 4 Ultimate episodes over, but the series still has one episode left to be released in Japan so this isn't the full collection, only 1 through 4.

futurefrog3199d ago

Wait is ultimate even finished?

Simon_Brezhnev3198d ago

nope im up to like ova 9 but i wont watch it until 10 comes out.


it's gonna be ending in December and it's gonna be epic

masterabbott3199d ago

I think its not yet finished

BlackPrince 423199d ago

I can't wait for Nov 13th. Volumes 5-8 baby! After four long years we get new Hellsing.

Now I just have to decided whether it's worth double dipping for the 1-4 blu rays. That's a tough decision.


that it is but the only difference is some scene were re done with much more detail but that's about it

wishingW3L3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

one of the greatest anime of our time it's almost coming to an end after years of only 1 or 2 episodes per year since 2003! The good thing is that each episode is of really high-quality when it comes to art and animation.

The last episode will come out on December of this year BTW, so they took 9 years to make 10 episodes of 1 hour each.


i'm glad they did , it keeps you on your toes when news about it come out and you want more of it