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Macross 30: Famitsu Preview Translation

RedShoulders translates's recent preview of the upcoming Playstation 3 Macross game, due to be released in Japan and Asia in February 2013. Translated preview includes all of the approximately 50 new screenshots of the game released with the web article.

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Canary3278d ago

Is it normal to announce games so soon to when they release, or is it becoming the new standard? I mean, hell, I just learned that Fire Emblem is coming out in North America in January. CRAZY.

Anyway, I really hope this game has missions from the anime series, too. I loved those in the PSP games. And multiplayer. Gundam Battle Destiny on Vita had multiplayer, but it was ad-hoc only. Hopefully that means they've got the basic framework/knowledge to implement online multiplayer on the PS3.


And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little disappinted ArtDink's first PS3 game wasn't a giant, Universal-Century-Spanning epic like Battle Universe. But still, I really can't wait for this.

I've already checked AmiAmi and Play-Asia and they still don't have pre-orders up....